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Status on unwanted features of Mac OSX Lion

Here is an update on the issues I encountered running OSX Lion.
The "Reopen windows when logging back in" feature It can now be disabled. The UI will still have the checkbox but it will have no effect. This is good enough for me. Here is how to fix it.

NTFS Support  Regarding the NTFS support it is still not available for free as the NTFS-3G driver that works with MacFUSE under Snow Leopard. I did however find yet another available driver: Paragon software has a driver for NTFS on Mac OSX as well. I'll still stick with Snow Leopard for now. But it seems that the issues are being solved.

Requirements for building osslsigncode 1.3 on openSUSE 11.4

osslsigncode is not available on the OBS. So if you need this tool you need to install the proper dependencies and build it yourself.

You need to run the following command to install the components needed to be able to build osslsigncode on openSUSE 11.4 64-bit:

sudo zypper in gcc make libopenssl-devel libcurl-devel

Back to Snow Leopard

So I have reverted back to Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Three or four things made me go back.

Now and then you see the department of badly chosen defaults has to much to say because the software vendor are trying to control the way their software is used. That could be fine - if only it was possible to change these values.

Relaunching the running applications By default ones applications are relaunched every time you start up Lion. When you shut down there is a checkbox you need to uncheck to not enable this feature. I have found no way to change this checkbox to be unchecked by default.

Supported filesystems I have an external drive that is formatted with NTFS since that was working in both Windows, Linux and OS X. With Lion that is not working at the time of writing unless you buy Tuxera NTFS. It is not because Tuxera NTFS is extremely expensive but relative to what Mac OS X Lion cost it will be an expensive feature. Then there is support for exFAT which could be a solution in the long run.…

How to change default application for opening pdf files in openSUSE

Gnome applications in openSUSE 11.4 apparently defaults to opening pdf files in Gimp. Okular would be a more sane choice here. To get that to work you need to edit the file:

Change the line that starts with application/pdf= to

Actually there is a long discussion about the issue focusing on it being a Firefox issue in the openSUSE forums.

There is also a discussion on whether correct way is to edit /etc/gnome_defaults.conf but editing this file in openSUSE 11.4 and running SuSEconfig --module glib2 as root didn't have the desired effect.

Mac OS X Lion impressions

So the install procedure was totally smooth - actually pretty boring.

First thing to notice was that MacFUSE wasn't working and therefore I had no access to my NTFS partitions and drives.
I tried to reinstall MacFUSE and the NTFS-3G driver. But that didn't help.
Next thing I did was to uninstall the NTFS-3G driver. Now I didn't get the error message every time OS X booted. I also uninstalled MacFUSE and then I was able to mount the NTFS drives (both BOOTCAMP and external USB drives) in read only mode. That is a start.
It seems that OSXFUSE will be around soon - and that could be the solution.
I'll keep you updated on this issue.

Next thing to notice was that the three finger gesture for switching back and forth in Google Chromes browser now did not work anymore (in safari it was changed to a two finger gesture). The three finger gesture switched between spaces instead it seems. Here there were an easy fix. Go to "System Preferences" > "Trackpad" …

Fixing Squeezebox Radio loosing connection

I got a Logitech Squeezebox Radio for my birthday. What a great toy. With a WiMP subscription this is really a great product.
It did however loose connection to the internet fairly often. It happened kind of random. When it lost connection the menus did not respond very well anymore. I had to turn of the device and turn it on again for it to connect to again.
Under the diagnostics screen I could see that there were a status for different ports. Investigating a little more I thought it would help to forward these ports in my router to the Squeezebox Radio. That actually fixed the issue.

The ports that needs to be forwarded are:

3483 for UDP and TCP9000 for TCP
Using DD-WRT on my router at the moment port forwarding was easily configured.

How to get Back To The Future - The Game to work on Mac OSX

Everytime I download a new episode of "Back To The Future" from Telltale Games I end up with a screen that looks like the one below. I can't start the game from this screen. For episode 1 I could get the game started if I disabled the network connection. That didn't work for episode 2 and know I see the same issue with episode 3.
On the forum from telltale games it takes a while before a solution comes up.
I now found a solution (specifically for the mac) that seems to be the right way to solve it:
Try 'Command'+'Shift+'-' (yes the actual -), press yes, then 'Command'+'Shift+'+'. Then log back in.
An alternative option is to run the game as root. From a terminal run:
sudo /Applications/

Google deleted my blog

So what just happened. I typed one day and my blog was gone!

What just happened?

So it became possible to transition Google Apps account to regular Google Accounts. I tried that out but it turned out I had a regular Google Account with my Google Apps email address which blocked the possibility of transitioning my user to the new infrastructure. I never really used that user so the obvious move was to delete that user. I used the user to write one post on my blog at some time. I believe that is why my blog got deleted. I haven't been able to confirm this anywhere yet. It is a pretty scary thought that someone can delete a whole blog if they at some time wrote a post in a blog. The user wasn't even authorized to post to the blog anymore.

How did I recover the blog?

Bloggers own help did not help me in recovering my blog.

Luckily i discovered that the blog had disappeared in time. By "in time" I mean that Google still had my blog in it's cache. To save…

Splitting VPNC connection

When using VPNC to connect through vpn it is possible to only route parts of the traffic from the NIC through vpn.

To do that you need to add a script to your VPNC configuration. It could be stored in this file /etc/vpnc/split

The script needs to be made executable:
chmod +x /etc/vpnc/split
The script is documented here and can look like this:



#Add one IP to the list of split tunnel
add_ip ()
        export CISCO_SPLIT_INC=$(($CISCO_SPLIT_INC + 1))

# Initialize empty split tunnel list

# Delete DNS info provided by VPN server to use internet DNS
# Comment following line to use DNS beyond VPN tunnel

# List of IPs beyond VPN tunnel
add_ip         # pop3.mycom.…