Back to Snow Leopard

So I have reverted back to Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Three or four things made me go back.

Now and then you see the department of badly chosen defaults has to much to say because the software vendor are trying to control the way their software is used. That could be fine - if only it was possible to change these values.

  1. Relaunching the running applications
  2. By default ones applications are relaunched every time you start up Lion. When you shut down there is a checkbox you need to uncheck to not enable this feature. I have found no way to change this checkbox to be unchecked by default.

  3. Supported filesystems
  4. I have an external drive that is formatted with NTFS since that was working in both Windows, Linux and OS X. With Lion that is not working at the time of writing unless you buy Tuxera NTFS. It is not because Tuxera NTFS is extremely expensive but relative to what Mac OS X Lion cost it will be an expensive feature. Then there is support for exFAT which could be a solution in the long run. For now there is no working support for that filesystem in Linux. Another detail is that  Time Machine only works with the JFS+ filesystem. I am trying to solve this issue in another way. My router has a USB port and I have installed Tomato on it. So it is my plan to make this disk available over some network protocols that are supported across multiple operating systems.

  5. Mission control
  6. I don't like the new mission control view. I'm not using the widgets so the Dashboard should just be as hidden as possible if you ask me. Launchpad and the Dashboard is not features I use. My minimized windows are not visible in mission control as they are in the All Windows view in Snow Leopard which is not available in Lion.
In time I will probably upgrade again. The filesystem issue will probably be resolved over time. The thing about being able to permanently uncheck the checkbox about relaunching is a feature that shouldn't be to hard to add. Hopefully that will be resolved soon as well.
Mission control and Launchpad are probably here to stay - and I am able to avoid these features most of the time so that is not keeping me from upgrading.


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