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Podcasts in UE Smart Radio

I upgraded my Squeezebox radio to UE Smart Radio.
By doing that I thought I lost the ability to access podcasts from the Squeezebox.
Browsing the logitech forums it turned out that with the TuneIn radio application it was still possible to play podcasts on the Squeezebox radio.

Here is the procedure:

1. Create a user on
2. Go to "Favorites" on and add a "Custom URL"
3. Add the URL to the podcast you want to access from your Squeezebox
4. Go to and log in
5. Add the TuneIn Radio service to your Squeezebox Radio with the user created in step 1.
6. Now go to the TuneIn Radio application on the Squeezebox and go to Radio > My Presets > Shows

Kubuntu 16.04 on Lenovo P50

I have been running openSUSE for years.

When I got the Lenovo P50 laptop with a HiDPI screen I was not able to get the Nvidia proprietary driver to run with the resolution I wanted.

It turns out that there is more to HiDPI than just the driver. And the fact that I have an external monitor that is not HiDPI probably makes it even harder.

Nevertheless I have colleagues who were able to get the same hardware to work with the proprietary Nvidia driver. They were running Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition. I'm not sure which version actually.

I ended up trying out Kubuntu to figure out if that would help. It did not. I got the exact same issue as I had with openSUSE.
But not only that. I had issues with things that worked in openSUSE Leap 42.2. Sound wouldn't always play through headphones. The only workaround I have found is to restart the OS.
My music streaming service that is based on the browser sometimes don't play any songs when I click play. The browser I use is Google Chrome b…