tirsdag den 31. maj 2011

Fixing Squeezebox Radio loosing connection

I got a Logitech Squeezebox Radio for my birthday. What a great toy. With a WiMP subscription this is really a great product.
It did however loose connection to the internet fairly often. It happened kind of random. When it lost connection the menus did not respond very well anymore. I had to turn of the device and turn it on again for it to connect to mysqueezebox.com again.
Under the diagnostics screen I could see that there were a status for different ports. Investigating a little more I thought it would help to forward these ports in my router to the Squeezebox Radio. That actually fixed the issue.

The ports that needs to be forwarded are:

  • 3483 for UDP and TCP
  • 9000 for TCP

Using DD-WRT on my router at the moment port forwarding was easily configured.