Google deleted my blog

So what just happened. I typed one day and my blog was gone!

What just happened?

So it became possible to transition Google Apps account to regular Google Accounts. I tried that out but it turned out I had a regular Google Account with my Google Apps email address which blocked the possibility of transitioning my user to the new infrastructure. I never really used that user so the obvious move was to delete that user. I used the user to write one post on my blog at some time. I believe that is why my blog got deleted. I haven't been able to confirm this anywhere yet. It is a pretty scary thought that someone can delete a whole blog if they at some time wrote a post in a blog. The user wasn't even authorized to post to the blog anymore.

How did I recover the blog?

Bloggers own help did not help me in recovering my blog.

Luckily i discovered that the blog had disappeared in time. By "in time" I mean that Google still had my blog in it's cache. To save my blog I saved a local copy of all the blog entries. Luckily I had only been blogging for 7 months so that wasn't to bad.

Then I recreated the blog and created all the posts again. To create the posts again I used some features of blogger I usually didn't need.

It turned out that it is possible to set the exact time of when a post should be published - even in the past.

By expanding the "Post Options" at the bottom of the post editor it is possible to set the exact date and time of when the post should be published. That way I could recreate the blog.

Next step needed to be able to rebuild the blog in the future is to look for ways to backup the blog.


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