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Transfer Google Services from regular Google Account to Google Apps account

So Google announced that Google Apps account can start to transition to be used for other Google services such as Blogger, Picasa and Google Reader.
This my experiences so far trying to consolidate all my information in the Google Apps account.

Google Reader Transfering to Google Reader for the Google Apps account is very easy. Just log in with the old Google account and go to "Settings -> Reader Settings -> Import/Export". From there I can export all the feeds to an OPML file.
Then log out and log in again with the Google Apps account and again go to "Settings -> Reader Settings -> Import/Export" and then Import the OPML file. All your subscriptions are now available for the Google Apps account.
Blogger This is also fairly easy. Login with your old Google account. Go to "Settings->Permissions" and add your Google Apps account as author. Then check the inbox for the Google Apps account and accept to become an author. The log out and log in with …