tirsdag den 17. august 2010

What am I going to do with the old homepage (www.vester.org)

I originally used my homepage for documenting things I had to setup or configure so I would be able to do it again. If others could benefit from that it would be fine - but it was never the purpose. It was hosted as a Google Site with the benefits and limitations that gives you. I was able to expose the Google Site on my own domain through Google Apps.
In the book "What Would Google Do?" Jeff Jarvis argues that a blog is a conversation. People can give you feedback by adding a comments to your blog. 
The things I documented on the old homepage could surely benefit from being part of a conversation. If someone else found a better solution than the one I came up with, or if someone had an issue because the documentation was not good enough it could be of great value to know that. Then I would be able to improve the documentation and by doing that I would also make it easier for me to follow my own instructions a second time.
Because of this I will start to transfer the relevant parts of the old homepage to this blog. I hope that someone will still benefit from what I came up with and even give some feedback which was not possible on the old homepage.

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