Reading "What Would Google Do?" by Jeff Jarvis

I never really saw any use for a blog. Not until I started reading "What Would Google Do?" by Jeff Jarvis. I have only read the first three chapters until now but it have been very inspiring reading. Jeff Jarvis has his own blog at Off course he also blogged about his book (
In his book he explained how he used his blog to tell about some issues he had with a Dell laptop and their support. He explained how he got in touch with other bloggers and eventually got a refund from his product. When that happened his blog had become one of the top search results at Google when searching for Dell. Suddenly the consumers were in charge and Dell had to fix the issues and could not fix it with marketing.
Here starts my motivation for blogging. I want to be in charge and I want to know about these issues that the major corporations try to cover up.
Maybe the blog will grow to cover other areas of interest later. But now I started the blog and we will see what happens.


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